Phase to Phase

Phase to Phase develops products that support grid operators in planning, designing, and managing their power grids. Our innovative solutions create insight into how best to face the challenges thrown up by the growing complexity of grid load. 

Nikola Tesla

Planning, design, management

For more than three decades now, electricity companies, industrial enterprises, and engineering firms have been relying on our products, including Vision Network Analysis (high and medium voltage) and Gaia LV Network Design (low voltage), for planning, designing, and managing their power grids. We at Phase to Phase are proud to play a crucial role in the energy transition.

Creating insight for grid operators

One major challenge of the energy transition for grid operators is the need to ensure the uninterrupted supply of energy despite congestion and imbalances. Large investments are currently being made in the distribution networks, but scarcity of material and – above all – of manpower is holding back progress. Our software gives grid operators the insight they need, and helps them to answer questions such as: What measures would be most effective? What consequences do these measures have for the networks?

Our advanced modular load model makes it easy to determine, using Gaia, whether individual low-voltage networks are future-proof. And our web application Vision Cloud Solution can calculate and clearly display future scenarios for medium and low-voltage networks with tens of thousands of connections.

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