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Our close-knit team of experts in the field of electrical engineering and ICT is based at our offices in the center of Arnhem. Our work revolves around calculating power grids and visualizing bottlenecks. We develop effective solutions that help our clients to better navigate the dynamic world of energy.

James Clerk Maxwell

Challenging issues

We work closely together with our clients on products that have substantial added value for grid operators, engineering firms, and industrial enterprises. Working at Phase to Phase means not only having the opportunity to work on challenging issues, it also means being part of a community of developers, users, and innovation partners, all driven by curiosity, cooperation, and innovation.

Visualizing calculation results

Walter, Senior Consultant at Phase to Phase, says: “When I cycle to work, I really enjoy the sophisticated design of my bike. It’s the same kind of interest in the design of technology that I use in my work. I conceptualize issues of our clients; that involves a lot of contact with the client, consultancy, and also programming. But my favorite aspect of the job is working on user interfaces: creating graphical visualizations of calculation results, using animations, colors, and patches.

My day is a good day if I manage to understand a complex problem. By visualizing it, or by spelling it out for someone else, or by writing a great piece of code. When everything falls into place – particularly if we do this together as a team.”

Interested in joining our team? Please contact Christina Keehnen.