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Together we provide crucial solutions

Phase to Phase now part of Technolution

Since April 2019 Phase to Phase is a part of Technolution. Arnhem-based Phase to Phase develops advanced software for energy grids, while technology integrator Technolution has a strong position in smart grid and smart metering.

Together we provide crucial solutions

Technolution and Phase to Phase closely collaborate in the fast-paced world that is the energy sector. As a technology integrator, Technolution provides reliable and innovative technology to ensure the functioning of energy supply systems and utilize them to their full potential. The collaboration with Phase to Phase gives both companies an extra professional edge which results in faster innovation. Together, we can offer the energy sector crucial digitalization solutions.

“In my colleagues at Phase to Phase I recognize the same passion for technology and creating solutions that truly work for our customers that I see in our people here at Technolution. This really appeals to me. It enables us to take great strides in our support of our customers with the digitalization of their electricity networks.” Wilbert Prinssen, Director at Technolution and Phase to Phase.

Published: 17 April 2019