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About Phase to Phase

Phase to Phase was founded in 2001 as a spin-off of KEMA Consulting. Since then, Phase to Phase has continued to support grid operators in their work through its products, Vision and Gaia. The development of these products, and of Phase to Phase itself, kept pace with the increasing complexity of the modern electricity supply.

Nikola Tesla

Mathematics, physics, and IT

Our work is essentially a combination of mathematics, physics, and IT. But our products are just as much the result of inspiration, creativity, and collaboration. This is why, from the start, collaboration with clients – grid operators, engineering firms, and industrial enterprises – has been a central concern for us in the creation and further development of our products.

The first version of Vision was developed in 1991. It was soon used by all Dutch electricity companies. Gaia, which performs calculations on low-voltage networks, appeared a few years later, and it was similarly well received. We have been the Dutch market leader in grid calculation ever since.

Made in Arnhem

Phase to Phase began very modestly in one room in the basement of the B46 Building on the KEMA complex, but we soon moved to the western command center of the De Zoeten Laboratory. We are currently a team of about 10 people who work in our offices in the center of Arnhem. Phase to Phase has been a subsidiary of Technolution since 2019.

Corporate responsibility

Ever since our foundation, we have strived for the highest quality of our products. Important aspects are customer satisfaction and corporate responsibility. Since we became part of Technolution in 2019, we adhere to the quality, environment and information security policies of our mother company. The processes required for our ISO certifications are currently fully under way.

More information, ISO certificates and policy statements can be found on the Technolution website.

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