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Vision Cloud Solution

In the coming years, analyses in low-voltage grids will play an increasingly important role due to the decentralisation of generation and changing user profiles. At the same time, the Consumer & Market Authority is making new, higher demands on grid safety. Distribution system operators can't possibly analyze and assess all MV and LV grids manually (and in conjunction).

Tim Berners-Lee

For this purpose Phase to Phase has developed the web application Vision Cloud Solution. Vision Cloud Solution automatically calculates, analyzes and assesses MV and LV grids. Asset managers, network designers, relationship managers and fault mechanics, but also other professionals gain insight on a large and small scale into the present and future behaviour of their grids.

Vision Cloud Solution can be used for grid planning, grid design and sustainable area development. Thanks to its clear, unambiguous presentation, Vision Cloud Solution also promotes communication and thus collaboration between authorities and the public.

As-is situations

  • Easy insight into current grid structure, grid capacity and grid and contact safety per component and aggregated per LV grid.
  • Self-adjustable colour classification.
  • Always up-to-date grid models available.

What-if analyses

  • Rapid calculation of scenarios for increase of the number of solar panels (PV), heat pumps (HP) and charging stations (EV) in the grids.
  • At building, district, city or provincial level.
  • Click on components and view results.

3D-geographical presentation

  • Actual net files (gnf, vnf) combined with up-to-date BAG (Land Registry and Mapping Agency) and CBS (Statistics Netherlands) data.
  • View power supply areas, with colours indicating which house connections are connected to which main cable or medium-voltage substation.
  • Suitable for standard maps and photo backgrounds. Link to Cyclomedia panorama photos possible.

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