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Enexis Netbeheer and Coteq partner up

Partnered up with Phase to Phase to develop Vision Cloud Solution further.

The grid operators Enexis and Coteq have partnered up with Phase to Phase to develop Vision Cloud Solution further. The functionality of this cloud application is constantly being extended, in close cooperation with the users. The involvement of the two grid operators is a welcome contribution to the innovative force of the product user group, which also includes Stedin, Enduris, and Rendo.

Phase to Phase develops advanced applications that grid operators can use to model, simulate, analyze, and visualize their power grids. Throughout their history spanning more than 25 years, the applications of Phase to Phase have become the de facto standard in the Dutch energy sector. The applications are under constant further development, guided by the requirements of the users and the product user group.

“The world around us is changing more quickly than ever before, and this means that the need for information is also growing exponentially. Rapid insight helps our stakeholders and clients to understand the consequences of the energy transition, supporting them to make the best choices together.” Wessel Straatman – Coteq

Overall view of the grid operator’s entire supply area

Vision Cloud Solution is the latest addition to the Phase to Phase portfolio. This cloud application was developed in close partnership with Technolution, the Gouda firm whose subsidiary Phase to Phase has been since 2019. Vision Cloud Solution is an open platform that has the same computational functionalities as the desktop applications. The program fully automatically calculates, analyzes, and assesses low-voltage networks and generates an overall view of the grid operator’s entire supply area. This means the operator has detailed, large-scale insight into the grid load, voltage management, and security of their networks. For example, Vision Cloud Solution can be used in advance to calculate the consequences of introducing new sustainable technology in a residential neighborhood.

“Working with Phase to Phase is open and constructive. They are prepared to reflect with us on our challenges and to go the extra mile. Thanks in part to the close collaboration with them and to their expertise, we can now simulate our low-voltage networks as a system, which means we can enhance the quality of our networks even further. We’re looking forward to further steps for the medium-voltage network.” Diana van der Asdonk – Enexis Netbeheer

Impetus for further development of Vision Cloud Solution

Our new partners Enexis Netbeheer and Coteq are joining forces with us, and this means there is a new impetus to develop the cloud application further. In consultation with Enexis Netbeheer, Phase to Phase is making the low-voltage functionalities of Vision Cloud Solution available for medium-voltage networks. In addition, the computational core of the application for medium-voltage networks will be made available for other applications through an API. For Coteq, Phase to Phase is working to expand the data-driven grid management functions of Vision Cloud Solution, resulting in better support for the dynamics of the energy transition. The new functionalities will also become available to other participants.

Reliability and security of power grids

Phase to Phase has grown out of KEMA. The then grid operators (utility companies) worked together in KEMA to research how to enhance the reliability and security of power grids and electrical devices. This collective philosophy is still in Phase to Phase’s DNA. The company’s applications offer an open platform and Phase to Phase always works closely together with the users. Members of product user groups stimulate development of new functionalities, which are always made available to all users.

“The energy landscape is in constant flux. We want to offer grid operators the tools to quickly understand the effects of local changes. Thanks to our new partners, we are now able to sustain the energy in further developing Vision Cloud Solution and we have greater innovative power to shape tomorrow’s world together.” Colin Willemsen – Phase to Phase

Published: 28 June 2021